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At Occupational Psychiatry we believe that employers, Human Resources managers and workers all need to be better informed and equipped to appropriately and effectively help prevent, identify and manage stress related illness, anxiety conditions and depression.

This is important to ensure that workers do not suffer unnecessarily and are supported to access appropriate treatment. With good treatment stressed or depressed workers can be helped to recovery and a successful return to productive work.

If undiagnosed psychological illness amongst workers causes absenteeism (lost time from work),  presenteeism (non productive work) or even physical ill health as well as possible subsequent expensive workers compensation claims.

Not only do workers suffer unnecessarily but workplace production falls.

Research at the Australian National University estimated that 6 million working days are lost to depression each year in Australia.

University of Queensland research indicates that 68% of full time employees with depressive symptoms had not sought medical advice in the previous year.

Occupational Psychiatry is dedicated to changing all that. We offer training for all those interested in how to manage stress related illness in the workplace.

At Occupational Psychiatry we offer seminars for insurers, lawyers,  and employers covering topics such as psychiatric disability, psychiatric issues in the workplace and the return to work process with psychiatric illness.

Through psycho education we assist employers to understand psychiatric illness and its interaction with workplace stress.

Six million working days lost each year

Six million working days are lost each year in Australia as a result of depression.

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