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What It's About

Occupational Psychiatry provides medically based psychiatric information and services to Australian workplaces.


Good employee mental health is increasingly recognized as a key ingredient for high productivity in all workplaces.

Mental health issues are now identified as the major cause of lost productivity and the second highest cause of absenteeism

Occupational Psychiatry aims to introduce psychiatric expertise to employers, employees, and Human Resources managers so that stress related psychiatric illness can be:

a) prevented      b) identified      c) managed correctly

Occupational Psychiatry utilizes consultative, clinical, educational and preventative interventions and strategies to reduce symptoms and conflicts, and facilitate health and well being for Australian workers.

The Occupational Psychiatrist provides expertise about assessment and management of psychiatric illness and the interaction between an employee’s psychiatric symptoms and the work environment.

20% of occupational diseases are stress claims

Workers Compensation data shows that stress claims have risen from 4% of occupational diseases in 1990 to more than 20% in 2001

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